Pros And Cons Of A Professional Business Plan Writer

A business plan writer plays a significant role in writing a business plan. A professional business plan writer is one who helps you to convey your business vision and mission in a clear manner. They explain your business goals and objectives and combine their experience in creating a successful business plan for investors and venture-capitalist. In short, a professional business plan writer is a ladder to success.
There is a big difference between a business plan writer and professional business plan writer. Thread carefully when hiring a business plan writer; consider their negative and positive aspects. Following are some pros and cons of a professional business plan writer; keep the following aspects in mind in order to make decision when hiring a business plan writer:
�A professional business plan writer is one who saves entrepreneur’s time.
�He must be experienced and knows the skills of writing a professional business plan.
�A good writer is one who writes according to the audience perspective.
�Will complete a plan in a given time frame.
�Should have a background in business. Background in business would make it easier to understand business concepts and write a business plan in a best way.
�He or she must have in depth understanding of financial accounting.
�Many business plan writers use software program or online template to write business plan. This will create lack of uniqueness and might create problem when a business wants to stand out to potential lenders and investors.
�May not clearly present the vision and mission of your business.
�May be costly
�Add too much irrelevant or unrealistic material in a business plan.
A solid and professional business plan is one that clearly describes your business. Writing a business plan is daunting task for some entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar of writing one. Every new business venture needs a solid business idea and every business idea needs solid planning. A person who is familiar of writing a business plan can only write a good and solid business plan that will help entrepreneur to get success.

How To Buy Business Plan Software?

Buying business plan software can be a real benefit, when you want to write a business plan. For essentially writing the business plan, business plan software can provide you the tools, which will help you to write the complete business plan from executive summary till financial projections with proper formatting that, will strike investors.
For entrepreneurs there are number of special varieties of business plan software available that help them to write a business plan. Several features may differ, but the majority requires the consumer to answer a series of questions for which the software fill in the blanks of the plan.
Buying business plan software can help you to make plan for your business enterprise in much easier way then trying to create a format for writing a business plan. Outlines and pre-populated forms can save your lot of time. Choosing software that can help you to write a good business plan is very difficult.
Below are some features of how to buy business plan software:
�Fake Projections: To certify the achievability and the sensation of your retail business, it is necessary to compare your business plan with the business plan of related businesses. There are two types of business plan software packages available, some packages includes fiscal analysis tools that will help the user to judge, whether your business plan contains any inconsistency. Other packages contains financial outline like blank profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. It is essential to buy business plan software package that contains business plan samples of number of industries.
�Poor Usability: It is necessary to buy the business plan software that is easy to use and can effortlessly modify to suit your business requirements. The more guides and illustrations available in business plan software, it will be more easy to use. Try to discover a business plan software package that is well-matched with your accounting software.
�Generic Plans: Business plan is totally dependent on searching; don’t rely too much on your business plan software. Be careful in using the software’s canned answers to definite questions. Don’t use irrelevant material; it is necessary that your business plan must be original.
Above are some features you need to know before buying business plan software.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Business Plan

A business plan is a management tool. Do you need a business plan? Yes if you:

You Need To Decide Whether To Start A Business.

This plan will help you improve your chances for success and avoid making serious mistakes. You may be the only one who reads this plan, although you should have input from a number of other people with business experience. You need to ask yourself the following questions and incorporate the answers in your business plan:

What does it take to succeed in this type of company?

Do you have the skills and background necessary?

Can you afford to take the risk? What effect would the business’ failure have on you?

What is the growth potential for the business? Can it meet your financial expectations and requirements?

Is there a large enough market for your products/services?

Will you enjoy owning and managing the business?

A business plan is an important ingredient to the success of a start-up business.

You Want to Jump Start Your Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur doing business on the Internet, a stay-at-home Mom with an arts and crafts company, or a writer trying to break into publishing, a business plan acts as a guide to success. Developing your business plan helps determine your objectives and focuses you on the strategies and action plans necessary to accomplish those objectives.

If you’re looking to boost your business it’s time to answer a few questions in your business plan.

What are your skill levels and talents?

What are goals for each month’s sales?

What are your resources, time available, advertising and promotional budget, website?

Do you have the necessary equipment? If you don’t, how will you obtain the equipment?

What barriers do you face?

You Want To Better Organize Your Company or Improve Its Operations.

This is a time and task oriented plan for use internally. It suggests actions that need to be taken and assigns responsibility. Questions that need to be answered:

How does our company compare to leaders in its industry?

What are our management weaknesses? How can we make improvements?

How can we increase sales, serve the customer better, improve manufacturing efficiency, increase the gross margin?

Do we have the necessary resources to make the above improvements? If not how will we obtain the resources? Do we need a bank loan or line of credit?

You Are Seeking A Bank Loan.

This plan is used to inspire confidence in your banker and convince her/him that your business is a good credit risk. It is written very logically, with an emphasis on the financial projections and presentation of historical financial results. Bankers who make bad loans get fired, so they like to err on the side of caution. A banker is looking for safety and a demonstration that the company can generate sufficient cash flow to pay the interest and the principal. Bankers are not looking for a huge return on their money. They don’t want to take part in the management of your company or sit on the board of directors. Your business plan will need answers to these questions:

Will the company’s cash flow be stable enough to make the payments on the loan?

Are the long term prospects of the business favorable?

Does the company have a reasonably good track record?

You Need An Investor/Partner.

The plan must demonstrate considerable upside potential for the business. The banker was content to get his money back plus, say 10% interest. The investor may want a return of 30% to 50% or more. This plan must be written in an interesting manner and keep the reader’s attention. Your business plan is competing with all the other plans submitted to the investor. Make sure you address the following questions:

Can the company grow rapidly?

Are the margins attractive?

Have you succeeded in other business ventures?

Is this a market that is emerging, with a large and bright future?

How much of the company are you willing to give up, both in equity and management control?

You Want To Sell Your Business

You must prove to a potential buyer that your company is worth paying a premium for. Sometimes this can be called a marketing presentation, offering memorandum, or valuation. It is not strictly a valuation, as you are trying to establish your sales price for the business, not determine a value. Usually a valuation is completed by an objective third party. You’re likely to be asked:

Is there untapped potential for the business that a new owner could take advantage of?

If the new owner had more capital, could the business grow more rapidly?

Are there new markets that could be entered?

Could costs be reduced and therefore profits increased?

Every business should have a business plan. It’s the road map to success. But a well thought out business plan is critical if your company is seeking financing.

Basic Attributes To Become A Professional Business Plan Writer

Writing a successful business plan needs time and effort. All new businesses need business plan before stating in order to answer all the questions which investors might ask. Many entrepreneurs don’t know the proper format and skills of writing an effective business plan. So, for writing a business plan, they seek professional business plan writer’s help, who can write their business plan easily and in no time.
You have number of options, if you want to hire professional business plan writer. One is to look for someone in your locality. This will help you to deal with them face-to-face. Secondly, you can search for professional business plan writer online.
Below are some attributes to become a professional business plan writer:
Know the tactics of writing: For becoming a professional business plan writer, it is necessary that you should know the tactics of writing a business plan. Start with writing your own business plan. You can find plenty of reading material, as well as sample business plan online for writing a good business plan. Research will really help you write and online research is free of cost; spend enough time in study and research.
Write your plan: Professional business plan writers have to show his/her skills to potential customers and for this it is necessary that they must have sharp writing skills. Your customers want to see that whether you can write an effective business plan or not that can help them to generate funds. For this, it is necessary that write your own business plan in beginning. Utilize all the information you get online.
Get clients: Good business comes from solid market and how strong is your advertising and promotion strategy. Create website for your new business and post ads on websites. E-marketing is the most significant source to attract clients.
Protect your plan: Business plan have all the necessary and important information in them. It is necessary that a non-disclosure agreement is signed by the potential customers before you show your plan to them.
Protect your clients: For becoming a professional business plan writer it is necessary to keep your clients’ information secret. You cannot show their business plan to other clients, until or unless you don’t have written permission from them.
Keep learning: The more you learn and work according to the changing trends of business plan, the more you can attract potential clients. So, it is necessary for a professional business plan writer to stay updated according to the varying styles of business plan.